Foundations for Life

The Connecticut Coastal Academy helps students with disabilities and special needs continue to grow personally while gaining real-world vocational training and experience and developing essential independent living skills.

On-site instruction includes a rigorous assessment of applicable skills. Areas of instruction include step-by-step mindful planning in terms of self/project management; meal budgeting, preparation and planning; physical and environmental hygiene and self-care; financial/resource management; building and maintaining relationships; coping strategies; managing health and wellness; and other practical life knowledge.

Connecticut Coastal Academy offers group counseling services as well as one-on-one mentoring to youth. We also provide training, individualized coaching and support, and numerous group activities to supplement one-to-one support. Our community placements include supported employment by trained job coaches.

Our experience shows that with holistic support, young people can bring a variety of talents and strengths to their peer groups, workplaces, and communities. Vocational and transitional assessments are included as part of our placement services, beginning with an interest inventory, in which the student’s preferred areas of engagement are explored and opportunities weighed.

Our goal is to place young people where they can make a meaningful contribution to their fields of interest in their jobs, social circles and communities. In areas ranging from carpentry to videography and graphic design, our students practice and learn self-care; develop creative approaches to problem-solving; and learn how to weave recreation and wellness into the fabric of daily life and purpose.

Additionally, we provide training and support to our community partners to ensure that each organization understands how to support individuals with disabilities in the workplace. Considering that one out of every four adults has some type of disability, according to 2018 statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, education and training provided in the workplace is equally essential to the success of our students and our partnering businesses.

Our mission is to support 100% of at-risk youths with disabilities in Connecticut transition to adulthood as independent as possible. Our role is to make sure that our students transition into the real world – a world in which they know how to communicate, navigate and achieve.

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