Connecticut Coastal Academy, located at 192 Westbrook Road in Essex, CT, serves at-risk students in grades 6 through 12 and young adults with learning challenges and special needs

Connecticut Coastal Academy offers:

  • Individualized educational programs with high academic rigor
  • Small class instructional environment
  • Flexible scheduling, and Summer Skills Academy
  • Credit recovery and individual tutoring
  • Competency-based curriculum and assessments aligned with Common Core standards
  • Diagnostic placements
  • Certified teachers and behavior support specialists
  • Instructional assistants in every classroom
  • Individualized instruction, independent living skill training, and transition assessments paid vocational training and job placement
  • Monitored school attendance and weekly progress monitoring

Middle and High School

  • Services for our younger students focus on foundations for social and academic growth. We encourage a compassionate awareness of self and others, in an environment that includes robust supportive services.
  • As they progress through upper grades, students focus on building academic and interpersonal skills and participate in activities that support eventual integration into the recreational, social, and professional environments of their choosing.
  • Students in grades 9 and up focus on completing graduation requirements and meeting individual transition goals through a rigorous course of study with real-world application.
  • Our students do not just ‘survive’ these formative years – they thrive during this time of self-discovery. Many continue on to college or enter a technical field. We encourage our students to be self-determined and passionate in their learning.

Graduation Planning and Preparation

  • Transition skills including college and career readiness, health and wellness, independent living and community engagement are taught through hands-on experiences, individualized instruction, and community-based activities. Students spend time working with professionals, learning trades, completing certifications, and earning a stipend.
  • All individual transition goals are based on a comprehensive transition assessment. Transition goals are monitored on a weekly basis by the students and are updated as needed based on a data-review process with the student’s support team.

Ongoing Support

Young adults ages 18-21 with limited academic and vocational opportunities, or who qualify for support after meeting graduation requirements, are offered continued services, including life skills training, and career-building opportunities.
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