Why Us

Our experience shows that with the right support, young people are eager to share their talents and strengths in their peer groups, workplaces, and communities. To help them navigate the path to their best life, vocational and transitional assessments are included as part of our services. The process begins with an Interest Inventory, in which the student’s preferences are explored and opportunities weighed. In areas ranging from carpentry to graphic design, our students practice and learn self-care; develop creative approaches to problem-solving; and learn how to weave recreation and wellness into the fabric of daily life.

Our Approach

Our school symbol is a compass and our slogan is: “Nos viam inveniam” – We find a way. This guiding emblem reminds us to hope, to strive, to lean on each other, and to believe in ourselves.

Contact Us

Connecticut Coastal Academy
192 Westbrook Road
Essex, CT, 06426
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